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This inspiring article appeared in January 2,2015.
With compliments to author for her research and storytelling, it is curated herein:

Approaching Perfection?

It remains incredible that any horse and rider partnership can actually attain perfection, but several panels of the most qualified judges in the world have reduced their opinions to numbers and scored this pair, Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin consistently in the 90s during the current cycle of championships.

Here are Valegro and Dujardin at London’s 2014 Olympia performing the GP musical freestyle:

Young horse quality

From Australia to Russia…a young horse of high quality, known as Dante,

changed sponsorship through auction in Germany December 2014.


We shall watch for progress in his development.

Better than being there…..

World class videography provides even the most humble of aspirants opportunity to observe horses and riders contesting the ideals of Dressage. Multiple cameras permit is to see movements from many vantage points, and compare our own observations with those of highly qualified judges stationed at yet different vantage points about the arena.

Of course it takes time to watch 17 rides as if live streamed for 3 hours, but far less than travel time away from our own horses. Is it better to travel?

Just sittin’ On Top of the World

It is interesting to watch young horses develop

Valegro and Chralotte duJardin Olympia Freestyle 2013

Oh…to sit around a horse…so well


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