This one is so easy.

The ingredients are:

Red Romaine Lettuce

Ripe Avocado.

Pitted black olives, decanted and refrigerated.

Golden Hominy, decanted and refrigerated.

Aged white cheese, or cheeses.

Assembly: Wash, tear, and spin the Romaine, and other fresh greens you may have on hand.

Slice, then shell wedges from the avocado, about 1/4 large avocado per serving. Pinwheel the wedges atop the greens.

Thinly slice old white cheese, or splinter it, and insert into the pinwheel.

Fork black olives from jar into center of pinwheel. DO NOT drain or wash.

Fork Hominy lavishly over all. DO NOT drain or wash.

Grind mixed peppercorns luxuriantly.

Now, savor it. With all those good oils, vinegar, vitamins, minerals, nutirents and micro-nutrients, you need salad dressing because????????????????????????????