I noticed this film in December, and enjoyed it. Yesterday a reading rider encouraged me to include it in this burgeoning collection of “bests”. I agree with her; it does belong here.

To save your having to read all the comments to the video: So far, anyone’s best guess as to WHO the horses and riders are, is this list…which includes thirteen pairs, rather than twelve, suggesting that the troupe included an alternate in the case one pair was unable to perform on the ocassion.

1. Dr Reiner Klimke – Ahlerich 2. Gabriela Grillo – Osander 3. Herbret Krug – Muscadeur 4. Ingeborg Fisher – Gran Chaco 5. Tilman Meyer zu Erpen – Tristan 6. Madeleine Winter – Chagall 7. Herbert Rehbein – Rex the Blacky 8. Karin Rehbin – Marschall 9. Jean Bemelmans – Angelino 10. Monica Theodorescu – Lexicon 11. Johann Hinnemann – Genius 12. Ruth Klimke – Pascal 13. Heike Kemmer – Lotus.